Dean Erfani

CEO, Founder, and designer of Mojave.

I started Mojave in 2020, when I truly began to explore the world of lifting. I was fascinated with how one could change their appearance through hardwork and perseverance. I saw it as an art; a way of curating oneself into something beautiful. 

The name Mojave was derived from the Mojave Desert, located in Death Valley. Temperatures reach higher than any other region in North America, and can reach freezing temperatures as well. However, though it endures these harsh conditions, it is considered the most beautiful & fascinating desert in the continent. 

From day one, my mission was to create a lifestyle brand that inspired for beauty to rise from the ashes of despair. Not just that, but I sought to combine the fitness world with art/fashion, which is why I have made film videos, as well as started this brand. Through this art, I hope those who wear our pieces will find ways to accomplish their goals in their own creative way.

As an anime and manga enjoyer, I always knew I wanted to incorporate important ideologies derived from my favorite shows, them being Berserk (1997) and One Piece (1997). Each of these animes are based on the concepts of the human spirit and accomplishing unfathomable dreams. These are what I want to transpire, or build upon, into the hearts of those who wear our apparel.

– Dean Erfani